We want to acknowledge that at the present time, with the best of intentions, it’s hard to know what to do about wearing masks or not when we’re worshiping together.  In practice, we’ve functionally shifted to a “mask optional” approach in our large Sunday church gatherings.  Masks continue to be welcome, but there’s not a uniform standard that’s appropriate to apply to everyone.  Let’s extend grace to one another, without jumping to conclusions about others’ choices, as we continue to care for each other and our neighbors.

We’re in a season of opportunity for reaching out and connecting with others around us, beginning new relationships as well as renewing existing friendships.  Let’s be people who reach out to our neighbors, co-workers, and others in the love of Jesus.  We encourage you to take time and make space to connect with others not only at our formal church meetings, but in your own home and elsewhere.  Let’s welcome others into belonging and share the hope and life of Jesus with our community!