Our gatherings

What do our current gatherings look like?

Mercy Hill is meeting online for the foreseeable future. The church has created a way to connect together through meetings on the "Zoom Meeting" application. If you would like to be apart of these gatherings, please send an email to admin@mercyhill.cc

What are we doing as a church?

During this time we will likely be in situations to practice radical love to others. During crises, the church has always led the way in sacrifice, others-centeredness and love. Please start praying and asking the Spirit to lead you and guide you. How would he lead you to care for our neighbors, to start works that bless our towns, and to continue creatively building up His church!

The Spirit will lead us!

We join together and proclaim:

“We believe and trust in God the Father Almighty

We believe and trust in Jesus Christ, his Son

We believe and trust in the Holy Spirit

We believe and trust in the three in One”